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Your Best Business Coach

As your business coach in Melbourne we make sure that you get the best shot in making your business a success. As your business coach we become your sounding board, your first port of call and work with you to explore various business ideas. We hold your hands and guide you through the process. We implement the plans to write the success story together; to build your marketing muscles and flex them to grow your business and sales. We cross pollinate the best business practices and devise plans most suited to your business.  

As a business coach we make an effort to reverse the statistics of 80% new businesses failure rate, and reverse it to make 80% success rate. We also ensure as your business coach to make your business risk averse, so that you can conduct your business without much fear of known risks. We also make sure as your business coach that your business is conducted safely for yourself, your employees and your patrons. 

Your success is our Goal.

Welcome to Brands and Biz

We all have immense potential to achieve more and stretch beyond our comfort zone. At Brands and Biz we provide business coaching, business consulting and business mentoring to empower you to achieve your dreams and business goals. Unleash your potential and achieve more.

Let's go, chase them, together!

What we Do

What we do ?

We provide specially tailored programs to match the needs of businesses. We provide business coaching and consulting to start up businesses and existing businesses. Based on the business goals, we help businesses to prepare product, service strategies and related pricing, promotion and distribution strategies. Our customers have grown their businesses and profits, thereby creating more value to the business they do. We focus on the small and medium sized businesses operating in consumer goods and services. While working with our customers we are always driven by the needs of the end consumer.

Business Coaching

Why we do it ?

We believe that each one of us has immense potential. At times we get restricted in our growth due to some barriers and blind spots. We help our customers get over those barriers and give a clearer vision to execute their plans. We bring out that dormant entrepreneur in our customers. Many businesses are quite strong in few functional areas, product knowledge and services they offer. These businesses may not be as strong in other areas of business, such as: business development, market growth, sales, marketing, pricing, product or service range etc. With our business coaching, business consulting and mentoring services, we build up our customers in these areas, so that they can roll out a new business or improve their existing business. We do what we do because we are passionate to make an improvement in businesses and the community around us.