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Australia has more than 2.5 million small businesses. These small businesses support millions of families and are backbone of Australian economy. 

Many small businesses struggle due to lack of expertise in critical areas of their business. One such critical area happens to be Marketing and Sales. This is where all the revenue or oxygen comes to your business. 

Brands and Biz was started in 2016 in Melbourne to support small business community and help them grow with our marketing and business expertise. 

At Brands and Biz, we provide Business Consulting and Marketing Services to Small and Medium sized businesses. We specialise in consumer goods and services businesses and focus on the growth of our customers.

Unleash your potential - Grow your Business with Brands & Biz!

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Your Go To Business Consulting and Marketing Company in Melbourne

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What we do ?

Each business is quite unique and is faces unique challenges in different stages of its life cycle. We have 4 amazing solutions to help these businesses:

Outsourced Marketing Director - Outsource your Marketing department work 

Scale Up - Business Growth in 6 Months
- Growth for existing businesses to scale up 

Start Your New Business
- For start ups, entrepreneurs transitioning into business. 

Ramp Up Your Marketing / Digital Marketing
- Give your marketing a punch and skyrocket your business

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Your Best Marketing Company and Business Consultant

As a business consultant and marketing company in Melbourne we make sure that you get the best shot in making your business a success. Our Services can help your business by:
- Improving Brand Visibility - Getting more Customers 
- Getting more Sales - Making more Profit 
- Identifying New Opportunities -Streamlining Products & Services 
- Profitable Pricing Strategy - Meaningful Customer Offers / Promotions


Why we do it ?

We understand that each business has some barriers and blind spots restrict the growth of businesses. 
In many cases it is the lack of marketing skill that becomes a hurdle in business growth. Many businesses are quite strong in functional areas or producing goods and services etc. Businesses that lack in business development, market growth, sales, marketing, pricing, product or service range, operations etc may need focused help in these areas. 
Our business consulting and marketing services help our customers in these areas, so that they can scale up their business. 

Your Success Is Our Goal !

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What Our Potential Customers Want To Know (FAQs)