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At Brands & Biz we provide Business Coaching, Marketing and Sales services to help you grow your business. As marketing professionals we understand the wide scope of marketing and importance of each element including, product (or service), price, place, promotion (advertising mix, social media and digital media being part of the bigger mix). We help you position your products or services to get more customer traffic.

Brands & Biz also provides other related marketing platforms, like Business Networking for small and medium businesses; Specialty ExhibitionsSocial Media & Digital Marketing and Products for amazing digital content creation.

Unleash your business potential and grow your business with Brands and Biz!

Brands & Biz has range of options to work with you as your ongoing marketing director for your business or offer you just the specific marketing service you need - in between this spectrum we can work with you and take your business to the next level!

Your Go To Business and Marketing Coach In Melbourne

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Your Best Business and Marketing Coach

As your business and marketing coach in Melbourne we make sure that you get the best shot in making your business a success. As your business and Marketing coach we become your sounding board, your first port of call and work with you to explore and implement various strategies. We implement the plans to write the growth story together; to build your marketing muscles and flex them to grow your business and sales. We cross pollinate the best business practices and devise plans most suited to growing your business. 

Your Success Is Our Goal.

Business Consultant in Melbourne

What we do ?

We provide specially tailored programs to match the needs of businesses. We provide business coaching or marketing services for start-ups and established businesses. Based on your business needs, we help businesses to prepare product, service strategies and related pricing, promotion and distribution strategies. Our customers have grown their businesses and profits, thereby creating more value to the business they do. 
We specialise in small / medium sized businesses. We are always driven by the needs of the end consumer while working with our customers!

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Why we do it ?

We believe that each business has immense potential and unique strengths. Some barriers and blind spots restrict the growth of businesses. 
We help our customers get over those barriers and give a clearer vision to achieve their goals. Many businesses are quite strong in few functional areas, product knowledge and services they offer. These businesses may not be as strong in other areas of business, such as: business development, market growth, sales, marketing, pricing, product or service range etc. 
With our business coaching and marketing services, we build up our customers in these areas, so that they can scale up their business. Our holistic understanding of various areas of business, helps us provide you the best solutions suitable to your business.
We are community focused and love to do what we do, so that we can improve local businesses and lives around us.

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