As the world continues to grapple with the pandemic, one thing that has come to the forefront is the continually rising social media adoption. Why? Confinement at homes with restricted movement and social distancing becoming the new reality, more people are turning to online platforms to shop for what they need. At a time like this, having your online presence on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram can allow you to be up-to-date with the customer needs.


As an entrepreneur, you need a business coach, consultant or a mentor at different stages. This choice will depend on the life cycle stage and requirement of your business.

Business coach is a professional who is focused on techniques to upskill you as a business owner to achieve your goals more effectively. Large organisations get business coaches for individual employees to be coached for current or future roles to equip them for their career growth. Business coach is short term engagement and is focused on you achieving a business goal


Lead the Way

We all have had coaches at some stage in our lives. We have had sports coaches or personal coaches in the gym. We also love to have coaching done for our kids and other family members, whether it’s for academics or fitness.

But as soon as we plan to be an entrepreneur, most of us think we can do it all ourselves. Many business owners know the product or service very well, as it’s what they have done all their lives or it’s their passion.

But business is not only about ‘producing’ you craft or ‘performing’ in the gym. Running a business is like conducting an orchestra, every area of business has to be in perfect sync with the other area to create a profitable symphony . If all areas are not in sync, the results will be much below par.