Role of Business Coach

We all have had coaches at some stage in our lives. We have had sports coaches or personal coaches in the gym. We also love to have coaching done for our kids and other family members, whether it’s for academics or fitness.

But as soon as we plan to be an entrepreneur, most of us think we can do it all ourselves. Many business owners know the product or service very well, as it’s what they have done all their lives or it’s their passion.

But business is not only about ‘producing’ you craft or ‘performing’ in the gym. Running a business is like conducting an orchestra, every area of business has to be in perfect sync with the other area to create a profitable symphony . If all areas are not in sync, the results will be much below par.

Many business owners are very strong in one key area but are lacking in many other important areas of the business. A business coach can help you cover those blind spots and accelerate your growth.

Just a simple example, which we see with many start-ups and new businesses – we see many businesses operating without insurances and without suitable business structures. That’s a perfect recipe for disaster as you are setting up a business to make more wealth, not to risk existing wealth. As a business coach we flag those areas and ask you to seek proper advice and not take an undesired risk. Same applies to the business structure. A structure not suitable to your business can do more harm to you than any good.

We coach you with lifelong skills that can be used in any business you may run in future as well.

When it comes to running a business, the biggest bottleneck we have seen are - no business plan or gaps in business plan; no marketing and sales plan etc. Every business wants to get more customers but many do not have a clue about how to get them. As a business coach we teach you techniques about how to identify and find your ideal customer; and how to generate interest in your products for your target audience to buy your products or services. 

As a business coach, we also helps you grow your business and get more customers into your stores, hence more sales and more profits. We work on the process mind set and take you out of the transaction mode. As your business coach, at Brands and Biz we train you to handle day to day business, develop holistic commercial acumen and think and act like an entrepreneur. 

The term business coach is used widely by many entrepreneurs. A business coach helps you to think and operate like a business person with a holistic approach towards your business. As a business, you can choose the services of a business coach, consultant or a mentor. The choice will depend on the needs and type of your business. We will talk about this in our next blog. With our experience, at Brands and Biz, we can provide business coaching, business consulting or mentoring to our small business customers.

We tailor our program to meet your specific needs to succeed.

Sudhir Juneja, Founder and Director,

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