As an entrepreneur, you need a business coach, consultant or a mentor at different stages. This choice will depend on the life cycle stage and requirement of your business.

Business coach is a professional who is focused on techniques to upskill you as a business owner to achieve your goals more effectively. Large organisations get business coaches for individual employees to be coached for current or future roles to equip them for their career growth. Business coach is short term engagement and is focused on you achieving a business goal


Mentors can be from the industry or experienced entrepreneurs; they have walked the path before and can pass on the experiences to learn from their rich experience of many years. As a mentee you learn from the rich experience of Mentor. This service is less formal and much broader in approach, and often is a longer term association. Mentors are more holistic in approach towards mentees and also focus of the other aspects on mentees lives.

Consultants are experts hired for a specific project or problem in the business. The focus is on those specific projects. Depending on the project, the engagement could be short term or long term. This project could be a business launch, or adding a new line to business or increasing sales or cutting cost. This service is more focused on business projects.

All successful business leaders have mentors at some stage. Even Mark Zuckerberg had a mentor in Steve Jobs.

Brands and Biz can provide services of a business coach, business consultant or a mentor depending on our customer’s needs. We help you develop business processes and strategies to get more customers to generate higher sales and make more profit.




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