Elevate Your Business to New Heights with Strategic Business Advice

At Brands and Biz, we're not just business consultants but we are partners in your growth. Our team provides knowledge and advice to start, build, and maintain a successful business in rapidly changing markets. We focus on unlocking better growth for our customers by providing them with a strategic roadmap. We create comprehensive plans to increase long-term sales, revenue, and profit. We provide forward-looking, long-term strategic advice to help you outperform your industry rivals. Our team will develop a strategy that propels your business to the next level.

A. Business Set-up

Our services are tailored to support you at every stage of setting up your business, from idea to launch. We provide valuable insights, strategic counsel, and practical plans to propel your business towards success. We enable companies to be operational as quickly as possible by removing red tape bureaucracy and complexity. Our business set-up consulting services include:

Business Idea Validation

We provide expert guidance and market research insights to help validate your business idea. We ensure your idea meets a real need in the market. We help you evaluate the market size, target audience, and competition to determine whether your business ideas make sense financially. We also evaluate your product or service for viability using market and customer research assessments. We position your startup for success from the start.

Business Planning and Strategy Development

We leverage our knowledge and expertise to help you create a business plan and strategic roadmap. We help you outline your goals and target market, analyse competition, and forecast growth. Additionally, we assist in creating a business pitch for potential investors or lenders.

Market Research and Analysis

We help you gain a comprehensive insight into your target market. We help you understand your market better, capitalise on market gaps, and identify the trends, drivers, and constraints that shape the market. Our team identifies your target consumer groups and studies their customers' demographics, preferences, and buying behaviours. This lets you develop targeted marketing strategies to reach your customers effectively.

Business Formation

A business structure can impact your legal liability for business decisions, personal asset protection, and the amount of tax. Therefore, with the help of experts we assist you in choosing the right legal business structure for your company. We connect you with accountants and lawyers to help you determine the most suitable business structure. Our expert team also advises you on banking and taxation matters.


We enable startups and established businesses to raise and secure the capital they need to start or grow. Our expert team assists you in getting business loans, venture capital, grants and tax incentives. Our associated team of experts helps you determine the right funding option based on your needs, development stage, and long-term vision. We also connect you with various lending institutions, venture capitalists and angel investors.

Regulatory Compliance 

Our associated team of experts assist you in navigating the complex process of business incorporation, permits, licenses, and regulatory requirements easily. We ensure that your business fully complies with all applicable laws and regulations. Our team minimises the risk of costly penalties or legal issues.


B. Accelerate Your Business Growth

We enable you to create a powerful business positioning that cuts through the noise and helps you stand out in the market. We handle your most important challenges and capture opportunities to help you scale your business. We empower our clients to build sustainable competitive advantage and grow massively. We leverage our industry and functional expertise to deliver strategies that fuel your growth and help you thrive in the competitive market. We accelerate your business success by creating innovative and practical strategies customised as per your needs. Our services include:

Growth Strategy 

We develop a tailored growth strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives. We identify key growth opportunities, optimise your sales funnel, and expand your market reach to increase sales and profitability. We also optimise your pricing strategies and products to drive sustainable growth.

Marketing and Sales

We devise highly effective marketing strategies that fuel sales and help you grow. We change guesswork into certainty and convert more leads into sales and profits. Our team creates impactful campaigns, maximises market reach, and establishes a strong brand presence. We understand your target audience to develop strategies that attract, convert, and retain customers and build long-term revenue streams.

Market Expansion

We enable companies to expand into new markets or diversify their product or services. Our business consultants identify niche markets or untapped areas where your business can succeed.

Operational Efficiency 

We streamline your business operations and workflows to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiency. We identify bottlenecks or inefficiencies in your processes and provide solutions to optimise performance and maximise profitability.

Cash Flow Management

Our associated team of experts help you get in control of your numbers and generate consistent cash flow and profit. With our experts we develop key performance indicators specific to your business to optimise your cash flow position. We continuously monitor and analyse KPIs to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase profitability.

Financial Planning

Our associated team of experts help you with long-term strategic financial advice to plan your budgets and cash flows. We assess your current performance and identify opportunities and threats to create a roadmap that will enable you to optimise your operations and growth. We make financial plans after due diligence to create positive financial outcomes. We build a strong financial model for your business to ensure strong future performance.

Is Your Growth Hindered by The Struggles Many Entrepreneurs Face?

Are you overwhelmed by the demands of your business? You are not alone; many entrepreneurs face challenges in their journey as business owners.

Cash Flow Challenges

Are you worried about your cash flow position and funding opportunities? Do you experience sudden low cash reserves or high liquidity in the business and need help with planning, forecasting and budgeting?


Lack of Strategic Roadmap

Is your growth hindered by a lack of clear vision and roadmap? Are you looking for a blueprint for creating a growth strategy?


Stagnant Sales

Have your sales and revenue stagnated or experiencing a downfall? Has your current market reached saturation, and are you looking to expand or diversify?

Poor Performance and Productivity

Is your productivity low despite all your efforts? Are your systems and processes designed for efficiency?

Why choose us?
Why choose us?

Why Choose Us!

We deliver results-driven business consulting services that empower businesses to achieve their goals and maximise their potential. We use time-tested strategies to help you convert your business vision to profit. We offer smart strategies and practical advice to take your business to the next level. 
We help you develop systems and procedures to help you automate your business. Our team creates a financial model that is fully customised for your business. We understand every business faces unique challenges that hold them back from growth. Our consulting services are designed to consolidate on your strengths, uncover opportunities, and address potential challenges. We create personalised strategies that will drive your growth.


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