The Business Guild

The Business Guild

Brands and Biz offers a unique business networking model as The Business Guild (TBG) networking for small businesses. TBG, established in 2017, is focused on connecting small businesses and offers a platform to network with other like minded local businesses owners.

We bring opportunities for businesses in Melbourne to network in West (Point Cook), North (Craigieburn), East (Clayton) or CBD (Docklands). Our business networking is crisp 100 minutes of highly focused, relationship oriented networking, generally after hours on a Wednesday night. 

At TBG, business referrals flow through effortlessly and helping your business to grow.

To know more about The Business Guild and to become a member of TBG network in Melbourne, please click here for Membership.

Our networking generally has website designers, social media marketers, marketing consultants, business coach, business consultants, graphic designers and printers, food truck operators, tax agents, photographers, mortgage brokers, conveyancers, legal services, real estate agents, printers, graphics designers, new start up businesses, interior designers, wellness coaches, tourism, travel agents, accountants, cleaning and property management providers, builders, OHS services, IT services, migration services, legal office, security equipment supplier and Installer, restaurants, software designers, plumbers, cabinet makers, electricians, security camera installers etc. 
If you want to attend an upcoming TBG Networking event to get a feel of the businesses in TBG please pre-register here

Membership Benefits

  1. The Business Guild Membership offers annual membership to local businesses. Annual membership is for 1 July - 30 June. Annual membership fees starts from $190* a year (prices are excluding GST) for new businesses and $390* a year for other businesses - No more to pay after that throughout the year.  We offer a few attractive membership and sponsorship options for The Business Guild.
  2. TBG members get access to The Business Guild Networking events every other month. There are no additional charges after you become a TBG member - membership cost is all inclusive of charges like meeting venue, workshops, drinks and nibbles, networking in all meetings. 
  3. Referrals, collaborations and growth opportunities for all TBG members.

P.S - TBG does not endorse any businesses listed, please do your due diligence prior to engaging, any disputes to be dealt directly with business.

The Market Guild

The Marketing Guild

The Marketing Guild is a team of marketing specialists in the flagship The Business Guild networking members. This powered marketing team consists of graphic designers, business coach & consultants, social media marketers, digital marketers, photographers, website designers and printers etc. 

We are here to propel the business of our customers. This focused team works as a penal of experts to provide effective solution to our customers. Our vision is to build a one stop shop for small and medium sized businesses. 
To join our Marketing Guild team, please click HERE. 

The Finance Guild

The Finance Guild

Finance Guild of TBG is part of our business networking initiative.If you are a financial planner, mortgage broker, accountant, bookkeeper, tax agent, conveyancer, insurance broker or a banker and want to be associated, please let us know. As part of our business networking groups, we now have very focused team of Finance professionals to serve the local customers as a team.

The Home Services Guild

The Home Services Guild

The Home Services Guild by TBG. All home service providers come together to support the customers at The Home Services Guild. All home services under one roof, as a team! The home services providers at TBG are a team called The Home Services Guild. Join The Business Guild to be part of this team.