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Did you know there were 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2019, and this number is forecasted to reach 3.8 billion by 2021 as per Statista? Yes, the world today connects through the internet. Social media marketing is no longer a want but a need. Every successful digital marketing strategy incorporates social media platforms as an effective tool to promote its business. According to Statista, in 2019, users spent 135 minutes daily on social media. It's evident if businesses master social media marketing today, it can keep them ahead of the competition. It can also act as a long term investment in creating a prominent online presence and nurturing valuable relationships with your customers. 


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Building Your Brand

Most consumers are turning to online platforms to purchase what they need from the comfort of their homes. When you interact with users with to improve their lives through your products/services, it can translate into good business and build an excellent online reputation of your brand over the long run. Brands & Biz can create a powerful branding style for your business which will lead to better brand percetion resulting in greater revenue and company growth.


Driving Traffic

One of the most significant benefits of social media marketing is that it brings more users to your website, in turn, resulting in increased conversions. The more quality content you post on your social media accounts, more consumers would want to click through your website and visit for more information. Think about it – there are more chances of a customer buying a high-end gadget after clicking on your ad on Facebook and knowing about all its features on your website compared to watching an ad on TV! With years of rich experience, we at Brands & Biz have become adept at optimising content for various social media platforms to boost the traffic on your website that results in increased sales.

Worldwide Reach

Social media platforms level the marketing playfield for you by letting you compete with big brands without any challenges. Anyone who is on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter can choose to connect with you and invest in your product/service. Plus, social media marketing campaigns also help to know what works with the users and what doesn't, giving you the clarity to modify and adapt as per the changing needs of your target audience. We at Brands & Biz can widen your horizons by putting the spotlight on your business and breaking geographical boundaries for you.


Improve Customer Experience

Social media is an excellent source for any feedback from your customers all over the world. They can simply drop you a message and convey what they feel about your product/service. It helps build a trustworthy connection between the brand and its customers as it allows the businesses to understand the positives as well as the pain points of their customers. Brands & Biz can help your business develop brand loyalty by adding individuality to your content.

Social media marketing has become more prominent in allowing businesses to interact with customers, drive traffic, boost sales and stay in the game. If you are a business owner who wishes to leverage social media marketing for your business to increase your brand awareness, Brands & Biz can help you. We have helped many customers to improve their sales, your business could be next. Check out our packages below 


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We have the best of packages to take care of your social media needs. 
Our social media marketing comes with feel of market pulse and in-depth marketing strategy! Contact us for the ongoing Google My Business / Google Profile listing and maintenance packages.


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Melbourne Expo

Reach Your Customers!

At Brands and Biz, we love being innovative and creating much needed solutions for the communities around. With this vision, we bring social media marketing, digital marketing and specialty expos to facilitate solutions to the consumers.
Our dedicated division MELBOURNE EXPO & DIGITAL MARKETING rolls out a range of marketing solutions to help many businesses and consumers. Our marketing services connect customers to various service providers in Melbourne. Melbourne Expo and Digital Marketing brings a range marketing solutions for local businesses. We help businesses to reach out to customer through our marketing platforms. Our Social Media / Digital Marketing Services will help you grow your business. 
Our Expos provide a physical meeting place for similar businesses to meet their customers under one roof and plan collaborative business growth opportunities, to serve their customers better.